Strauss Brands staying in Franklin

This is great news for Franklin and a major loss for the city of Milwaukee that bungled this entire issue.

Statement from Franklin Mayor Steve Olson:

I often have been asked “what’s going on with Strauss?” The real question that’s unasked is “staying or going?” We’ve been working with Strauss management for perhaps five years on their need to consolidate and/or expand. Almost two years ago they purchased 30 acres from Bear Development in our new Loomis Road business park and announced plans to build a consolidated plant/office there. Then Milwaukee offered large financial incentives and access to a ready workforce. Politics are what they are and support changed causing Strauss to withdraw their plan to move to Milwaukee. Offers from communities across the country poured in to the Strauss offices all while we continued to present our advantages. Strauss executives have been working diligently on business and building plans and have finally come to a point where they can publicly announce what they’ve been telling city leadership for a long time now. They’re staying here, they’re building here. The city changed some terms to make the commitment by the company more closely match their business plan. We expect applications for approvals very soon. Here’s the article from the Business Journal. We’re proud that Strauss is staying home.


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