Guest Blog: Get out and vote Tuesday

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By guest bloggers Bob and Jean Dohnal
Bob and Jean Dohnal
WI Conservative Digest

Conservatives Wake up and Vote: ASAP
Stop Smelling the Damn Roses: Go to WORK: Get Out To Vote

Pass this Forward to your friends unless you like the Nutty Left Running Things
Let’s see if we can make it around the whole state.
Send it to some Liberals. Change their minds.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race:
It is Conservatives vs the far-left.

Jean and I like the Conservative: Justice Dan Kelly.

How do we want to spend our lives? Under the Nutty Socialist Banner of the Left, who kills their own babies, takes away our guns, and opens the borders into Sanctuary cities so MS-13 can bring the drugs to kill our families?

The Left pushes recreational drugs to our kids, so they end up in the morgue, and hates us because we value Judeo/ Christian values and the Bible.

As a pharmacist in rehab, I have seen the dastardly results of the use of recreational drugs as people die in their 50’s, bodies wasted away, minds scrambled and talking like idiots.  That is the result of recreational drugs pushed by the Left.

Last year over 400 overdose deaths in Milwaukee County and close to 1000 in Wisconsin. Want to go ID your kids on a cold slab in the mMorgue? Let them smoke drugs.

The Nutty Left has taken over the Dem party hijacking it from the blue collar families that have been the base of this great country since 1776.

Why do they hate Christians?  Because we read the Bible and believe in it, so they also hate Jews.

401ks?  Do you have one?  The left will tax it away from you because Bernie, Warren and the others believe in Equity, not Equality.

Equity means everyone must be the same.  Your neighbor owns part of your 401k if he does not have one.

Equality means we are equal under the law and you all have the right to have your own 401k, do not have to give it away for free medical care for illegal aliens.

The conservatives, of which Justice Dan Kelly is one, put through Chapter 220 so kids in MPS could get a good education. We also put through Open Enrollment so kids, families in the inner city would have a chance.

Finally we put through CHOICE in schools, so kids could go to any school and go on to succeed in life.

Guess what?  The NUTTY Left has fought everyone one of these things because they are owned by the teachers union. Conservatives back the parents and the kids.  The Left backs the teachers union and the kids suffer.

Bob and Jean Dohnal
WI Conservative Digest
Clinical Pharmacist in Rehab for 40 years.
Proud Conservatives


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