Franklin 3-way aldermanic race is, seriously, just a 2-way race

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I don’t live in Franklin’s 4th aldermanic district. However I’m very interested in the outcome of their election for a new alderman.

Current officeholder Steve Taylor is not running again, and three candidates have emerged. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in traditional newspaper fashion, asked the candidates to respond to simple questions on pertinent issues. Let’s take a look.

1) Former Franklin School Board Member Alan Alexsandrowicz. From the newspaper:

“Alexsandrowicz was on vacation and unavailable to provide answers to any of the questions before this story’s deadline.”

That’s not going to help Alexsandrowicz, missing out on some free publicity. But even if he had supplied answers he’s demonstrated he’s not qualified. Read why here. I think he’s dead meat.

2) Current Franklin School Board Member Larry Gamble.

Good guy. Former small business owner. Military veteran. From the newspaper:

What new perspective or skills can you bring to the council?​

Gamble: For the past three years, I’ve served on the Franklin School Board where we have maintained high academic achievement, built a new middle school, and done so while lessening the tax burden on Franklin property owners.

Sorry, but that’s just wrong.

BTW, In February 2017 Gamble was appointed, not elected, appointed by the Franklin School Board to fill a vacant seat on the board. Then in 2018 Gamble along with newcomer Claude Lewis were the only ones to file for election and were elected unopposed.

How sweet for Gamble. Nice deal if you can get it.

Back to the newspaper. Gamble claims he has served on the school board “while lessening the tax burden on Franklin property owners.”

False. Absolutely false. The Franklin school property tax levies approved in 2017, 2018, and 2019 while Gamble has served on the school board all went up, albeit by less 2%. Still, those increases increased the tax burden on Franklin property owners. They didn’t lessen the tax burden because Franklin’s burden went up, not down.

Gamble was not truthful and was misleading in his response to the newspaper. For me, that’s an automatic disqualifier. Plus, I don’t want an individual serving on two entities with tax and spending authority.

3) Shari Hanneman.

I’ve actually collaborated with Hanneman and have first-hand knowledge of her qualifications and abilities. It happened when I was an aide to then-state Senator Mary Lazich who represented all of Franklin. Hanneman was one of the leaders of a Franklin group fighting efforts to dump multiple sexual predators in a single housing unit in Franklin. With Hanneman’s efforts, Lazich was able to draft legislation signed by the Governor to prevent the housing to be built in Franklin.

I’m generally wary of local candidates who swear they’ll hold the line on taxing and spending. But I trust Hanneman.

If I could vote in the 4th district this coming Tuesday it would be for Hanneman, and then again in April in the general election.  I believe she and Gamble will advance.

Here are Hanneman and Gamble’s responses to questions from the newspaper.

3 thoughts on “Franklin 3-way aldermanic race is, seriously, just a 2-way race

  1. Forget Larry Gamble the BS artist. If he is going to throw a lot of crap at us regarding claims that he has served on the school board “while lessening the tax burden on Franklin property owners” he is dead in the water. A practitioner of pure.lies! Do we need more lying politicians joining the ranks of the Franklin Common Council?


    • I wouldn’t vote for Gamble. I thought he’d be an exception and wouldn’t go native when he got on the school board. I was wrong. Shari Hanneman has respectfully stated that Gamble didn’t know basic city of Franklin information on a particular issue. I’ll blog later on that.

      I’m not fond of just about any school board member, here or elsewhere. And that includes Gamble.


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