Once again, what is the state of our union?

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On display at this week’s State of the Union, a heavy dose of Democratic petulance.

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One sourpuss image after another.

But not here.


President Trump at this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast. From his remarks:

“According to the latest Gallup poll that just came out a little while ago, a few minutes ago, American satisfaction is at the highest level ever recorded. Can you imagine? And that’s from Gallup — no friend of mine. (Applause.) Ninety percent of Americans say they are satisfied with their personal lives. How about that? Isn’t that something? Just came out today. (Applause.) They must have known I was going to be here. (Laughter.)”

This brand new Gallup poll demonstrates how out of touch the mainstream Democratic leaders in Washington truly are.

MORE from the Catholic League: Why are Democrats so unhappy?

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