Hateful MPS tweet against Limbaugh begs a question

No longer failing the Milwaukee Public Schools is is an utterly failed system. Most urban school systems are. With Milwaukee there appears to be no hope of a positive turnaround. Far too many of the usual suspects believe the only chance to toss more and more and more money at MPS. That old phrase about a rat hole quickly comes to mind.

By now the whole country has heard about the vile tweet made by an MPS teacher (now suspended) about Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis. This begs the question: What effect might there be on this April’s referendum calling for a huge city of Milwaukee property tax increase approved in December? Will there be a backlash? Watch this local TV news report and hear arguments we’ve heard again and again, that money will solve MPS woes.

Just a month before the Milwaukee School Board approved the referendum the Journal Sentinel reported such a move could “shock.”

Providing Milwaukee Public Schools students with a top-of-the-line education could cost as much as $640 million more a year in operating costs alone, more than doubling local property tax bills, district officials and their financial advisers told members of MPS’ referendum task force.

The figure appeared to shock at least some members of the ad hoc panel during a meeting…And they cautioned against asking taxpayers for too much, saying a defeat at the polls could hinder MPS’ prospects for a referendum for years.

Granted, the city of Milwaukee is predominantly liberal and tax-loving, but not everyone. You have to wonder what will go through the minds of city voters as they consider going to the polls and willfully voting to increase their property taxes to fund an effective system that hires people like Serandos to put into classrooms to influence and indoctrinate our youngsters? I still believe the referendum will pass, but its chances have slipped after this week’s disgusting news.


3 thoughts on “Hateful MPS tweet against Limbaugh begs a question

  1. We cannot expect to solve MPS student problems with a humanist approach that just wastes money when there is an overabundance of broken families where children are not supported by parents and parents not supporting the teachers. Parents who are devoted to their children’s welfare will look to other education systems to protect them from the negative influence caused by uncaring parents.


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