2 thoughts on “Penalty flag on the NFL…how could they?

  1. How in heavens name could anyone be so stupid as to hire
    Vinovich, the personification of an unpopular and miserable ref, to officiate in any game in any league…let alone another super bowl? Pin heads for sure.

    To be clear, there was no admission of a mistake by Vinovich after the NFC championship game between the Rams & Saints where an obvious pass interference infraction by the Rams and the no-call essentially cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl.

    Something dirty is afoot if someone like the unobservant, arrogant, and irresponsible Vinovich is still allowed to be an official. Officiating has exponentially been growing worse and everyone is pissed.

    Who are the bastards that are allowing these incapable A holes to ruin a sporting event?


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