The latest pro-life news (01/20/20)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin

No photo description available.

From WI Right To Life


The National March for Life, otherwise known as the most under-reported story every year in America, is this week

National Pro-Life Group Announces $52 Million Election Effort

Pro-Life Advocates Criticize Study Claiming Most Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions

Let’s drop the age-old pro-life jabs

An opinion piece published last week in the Standard-Speaker, Hazleton Pennsylvania:


A group of preschoolers set up a hot cocoa stand and raised $10,000 for a classmate battling cancer

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No photo description available.


One thought on “The latest pro-life news (01/20/20)

  1. Death Roe
    A young child has not a clue,
    That its life is about to be through.
    In what should be the safest place,
    Their life about to be erased.
    Hundreds of thousands every year,
    Will have stolen what we hold dear.
    Convicted of living in a womb,
    Now transformed into their tomb.
    America arrogantly lives a lie,
    Sentencing innocent children to die.
    The executioner has no burden of proof,
    Has no interest in hearing the truth.
    Our country is upside down,
    Abortion rampant in every town.
    A little heart beats at 24 days,
    Don’t expect any execution stays.
    Arm and legs torn apart,
    Forever silencing a broken heart.
    Another life about to fade,
    In innocent blood his feet Wade.
    Millions of coffins in a Roe,
    The winds of change starting to blow.


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