Look who wants to be a Franklin alderman

Alan Aleksandrowicz.

We’ll get to his bid for alderman shortly.

Nomination papers for the spring elections have been turned in.

For the Franklin School Board two candidates are running for two available seats. That means the two candidates will automatically get those positions. I understand that’s just how the cookie crumbles, but I don’t have to like it, and I don’t.

This April incumbent school board member Linda Witkowski will be joined on the ballot by Alan Aleksandrowicz. Incumbent Tim Nielson is not running again.

So Witkowski and Aleksandrowicz are shoo-ins.

But Aleksandrowicz wants more of the public trough. He’s running for 4th District Alderman along with Larry Gamble and Sherri Hanneman. When it comes to being fiscally responsible Aleksandrowicz is reckless and would be a very poor choice for alderman.

Here’s a great example.

Shari Hanneman raises a terrific point. Do we really want one individual serving one two tax and spending bodies at the same time?


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