UPDATE: Wouldn’t this be refreshing?

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

I was wrong.

From the Facebook page of Mark Baden of Channel 2 in Milwaukee:

Forecasting the weather can be a humbling experience. We all take great pride at Weather Watch 12 doing our best to bring you an accurate forecast. We came up well short of that with the weekend forecast. It will still snow this evening, but nothing close to the totals that we originally thought would fall. Roads are still slick and please use caution. There are consequences to a missed forecast. I know that there are restaurants and bars that count on big crowds on a Saturday night. So many of you changed your plans. It brings me no pleasure that the forecast was wrong. I will explain what went wrong tonight on 12 news at 5,6, and 10. Be safe out there. And go have a nice time tonight.

Bravo Mark!

One thought on “UPDATE: Wouldn’t this be refreshing?

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