I have never understood them

Before our daughter was born my wife and I took a cruise and had a glorious time.

Being the observant fellow I am, and my goodness we’re on a cruise for heaven’s sake, you just can’t help but notice certain, you know.

There was this 30-something young lady, quite attractive. Long brown hair. Several days she wore a sleeveless top along with a denim mini-skirt.

Every inch of her exposed arms and legs was covered in tattoos.

Sorry, but suddenly she didn’t look so attractive.

Recently I was in an office building where the young millennial receptionist sported a black top with one bare shoulder. Wouldn’t you know it. That was the shoulder that had a massive tattoo. Years ago she would not have been a business’ choice to represent the very first person seen when someone walked in. Times have changed. Tattoos have skyrocketed in popularity.

I’m not an old fuddy-duddy. Still, I don’t get it.


There are lots of reasons not to get a tattoo. This old but still reliable article from Baraboo is good advice.

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