Suddenly my alderman wants ME to help HER?

My alderman here in Franklin is Kristen Wilhelm. Nice person. Lousy alderman.

The fact is that during most of her aldermanic career she has essentially ignored us and rarely has voted the way we have requested.  I’ll never forget when she informed me that I’m not the only constituent of hers. However, she’s a bleeding heart liberal who represents a conservative district. There are far more others who agree with me than disagree.

Frankly I was stunned last week when I received an e-mail from Wilhelm requesting I help her on an issue. Amazing. I never hear from her and now she wants my assistance?

Wilhelm wrote:

To help support the westerly extension of Marquette Avenue, I’d appreciate any sharing or action to assist Scout Troop 538

This street completion needs to happen prior to the additional home development. Without the direct route to 51st Street, added development will increase interior neighborhood traffic and decrease safety.

Email & phone messages are welcome and encouraged before Tuesday!

I did NOT get right on that.

Letters from the scouts and parents asking that the road be extended by 1,000 feet are mentioned on the agenda for tonight’s Franklin Common Council meeting.

A scout leader has written to members of the Common Council:

Each day the City delays implementation is another day of continued risk to Franklin residents who simply want to enjoy their neighborhood and have full use of their tax payer parks, schools, pedestrian ways, and bike paths.

He also referred to the project as “life-saving.”

We all support the Scouts and public safety. Certainly no one wants to see anybody die on Marquette Avenue. The scout leader says it’s the “civic duty” of the Common Council to cough up the money and Wilhelm has bought in, asking residents like me to drum up support for the spending. And then she looks good, coincidentally right at election time this April.

There’s more to this story that Wilhelm won’t tell anyone.

Currently two developers are actually teamed up to extend Marquette Ave. without cost to the city (New homes are being built in the area).

One of the developers is Wilhelm’s former campaign treasurer who by the way possesses little experience in land development. The other does have the necessary experience but does not have the same friendly relationship with Wilhelm.

There have been objections to the high cost of extending the road by at least one of the developers. Wilhelm has intervened by suggesting taxpayers pay 1/3 of the cost. Her solution to just about everything. Let the taxpayers  handle it.

City staff is now investigating how to proceed with bidding. Wilhelm is notorious for burdening city staff (whom she has criticized) with unnecessary, time-consuming tasks. Oppose her and this idea and you’ll be subjected to taunts that you want children to get hurt.

Meanwhile Wilhelm hopes to gather enough bodies at tonight’s meeting even though there is NO agenda item regarding anything to do with either developer or Marquette Avenue. This is a colossal waste of time.

Wilhelm has managed to rile up the scouts (not the other way around) and is now disgustingly utilizing young troop members to push her agenda and at the same time help an ally.

We tax and spend enough in this community thanks to Wilhelm. I hope the Common Council doesn’t cave on this matter.

4 thoughts on “Suddenly my alderman wants ME to help HER?

  1. Quote: “Currently two developers are actually teamed up to extend Marquette Ave. without cost to the city” [sic] If this is the case why should Franklin pay one red cent toward this? It sure looks like some favoritism is afoot to help another developer cut his costs with taxpayers money.
    49the St. and 46th St.are more than adequate for access to Marquette Ave.

    Why didn’t that scout leader explain how this project would be “life-saving.?”


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