Guns in church

“After a lunatic commits a mass shooting among defenseless citizens, all the Milwaukee TV stations contact me for interviews. They want to talk about universal background checks (even when the shooters passed background checks). They want to talk about red flag laws, even when no red flags were evident. ***NOW*** we have a national story that provides proof-of-concept of the remedy for mass shootings that WCI advocates for. Will any local TV stations contact us to discuss concealed carry? Will any local TV stations do stories about local churches with armed parishioners? Will any local stations do stories about concealed carry classes, and training opportunities for citizens who wish to consider this option for self-defense? With all the demands for “action” to prevent mass shootings shouldn’t a story about a mass shooting being averted get just as much attention?”
Nik Clark from Wisconsin Carry, Inc

FLASHBACK: An old blog of mine:

Guns in church

Aug. 18, 2015

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