UPDATE: Culinary no-no #499

Previously on This Just In…

Here’s the pertinent portion of the blog about preparing Christmas dinner:

You say you’re looking  for something a bit easier?

Less time-consuming?

This guy has a suggestion.


That’s London-born Theo Michaels who first gained fame during Masterchef 2014. Michaels made it to the semi-finals.

His specialty is modern Greek cooking. Michaels is an author, has appeared on several TV shows,  and is a regular on BBC Radio’s Weekend Kitchen with Nick Coffer.

Michaels’ super quick and easy Christmas dinner?

Let’s go the video!

“This is literally four inches of steaming Christmas dinner in a mug. And it tastes really good – so good, in fact, that my wife has had it for lunch several times since I developed it.”

Oh, and Michaels doesn’t mean just Christmas.


Wonder how that would go over with guests.

No need to employ any over-analyzing here. From my perspective I believe the British have a word for this.

— From Culinary no-no #499, December 11, 2016

The update.



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