Culinary no-no #634


To introduce this week’s no-no, Maestro, please!

This summer at the movies…

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Disney and Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo,  passed James Cameron’s 2009 behemoth Avatar to become the top-grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office.

We’re talking a couple billion dollars. Even so Hollywood’s coffers are down more than 7% from last year in the midst of the holiday movie season. I shed no tears.

You won’t find me too much at movie theaters, for a few reasons.

1) There aren’t many good movies in my view these days, so why would I go?

2) Tough to catch a movie with a  10-year old.


3) I refuse to spend my money regularly on those Hollywood pukes.

Folks I know attend movies every week. Sometimes twice a week. Conservatively that’s about 78 movies a year. Again, there just aren’t that good movies. The Oscars can nominate 7, 8, 9 films for Best Picture. Sorry. You couldn’t get me to agree there are that many that warrant the “Best” title. But people flock to the cinema each and every week, spending cash on mediocre movies and mediocre food.

Eating options have definitely exploded over the years. Good thing? Being waited on at your Dream Longer? A colleague told me some time ago that he ordered a personal pizza on a theater visit that was okay, but too expensive.

Yet the few occasions our family goes to a movie there’s generally a crowd gathered at the concession stand even though popcorn and Raisinets are about as costly as a martini in downtown Milwaukee.

Those movie-goers clamoring in line for snacks are being screwed.

By law theaters and studios split the profits of the movies they make and show. Is the split 50-50? Not even close.

The theaters will submit that from the revenue they take in they get to keep 20%, maybe 30%. The movie studios get the rest. So what recourse do the theaters have? Simple. Rip offs on concessions.

That doesn’t mean the customers have to line up like pigs for the slaughter. But they foolishly do for the fleecing. Week after week after week.

Finally, if that isn’t wasteful enough. Check out the theater floor when the movie’s over. Apparently patrons are a bunch of slobs that senselessly don’t pick up after themselves and dump too expensive popcorn everywhere.

I’ll catch a movie in the sanctity of my own home, thank you.


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