Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Boney M

This is a great Christmas song.

It went to #1 in the United Kingdom, but bombed in America, only reaching  #85 on the Top 100 Billboard chart.

I repeat. This is a great Christmas song.

At one time, this particular recording found its way into radio play. Not anymore. And that’s sad. If radio programmers across the country would play this instead of listening to consultant after consultant, this recording, it would explode in popularity.

Guaranteed you won’t hear this on the radio this Christmas season. Last time I did was on WOKY AM 920 in Milwaukee. WOKY is no more. It’s a sports station.

So this is a perfect forgotten oldie. If you’ve never heard it, you will love it. If you haven’t heard it in decades, you will love it once again.

By way of introduction, in 1956 Harry Belafonte released a Christmas song that has been highly regarded. Actually, in my view, it’s a complete bore. A brief clip.

Boring, boring, boring.

Back then no one covered popular Christmas songs. Today, 800 gazillion folks have done White Christmas, et al.

Enter the 70’s.

From Global Comment:

Behind today’s advent calendar door lies surely the happiest and most uplifting of all Christmas songs… that’s right, it’s Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord. Not only is it seemingly impossible for anything with a calypso rhythm to be depressing, you get two songs for the price of one and a whole heap of disco loveliness thrown in for good measure! If any song could encapsulate how joyful Scrooge must have felt waking up on Christmas morning a changed man, this must surely be it.

Released in 1978, Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord is still one of the top ten best-selling UK singles of all time…. It made Christmas number one that year and stayed at number one for four happy, joy-filled weeks.

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