Franklin’s Civic Celebrations Commission should have been in Louisville for Thanksgiving

That’s where our family was for the 2019 Mid-America Oireachtas, a major Midwest Irish Dance competition.

No photo description available.

Franklin’s Civic Celebrations Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council. Among other duties the Commission promotes and organizes Franklin’s 4th of July parade.

Had the Commission been in Louisville they could have witnessed The Lots of Lights Parade, an evening parade of lights, bands, carolers, car clubs, floats, children’s groups and civic organizations.

Image may contain: outdoor

One of the main organizers boasted the parade had 60 units though it seemed like a lot more.

Significantly there wasn’t a single gap between any of parade units. None. Zero.

That’s unlike the annual Franklin Independence Day where you can take several short naps as you wait for some units to eventually pass by. And these are not isolated incidents. Gap-gate has been a perennial problem for many, many years. Franklin officials remain in denial and refuse to fix it.

Congrats to Louisville for running their parade very efficiently.

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