2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/03/19): War on Christmas Is a War on American Values


    The Islamic conquest of Europe will be a legal takeover due to demographics. The white population has been declining for decades due to low birthrates. Germany has had Turkish guest workers for decades. They have been bringing family members over and have a much higher birthrate. England and France have accepted immigration from their former colonies, many Muslim and with a higher birthrate. Add to that the recent influx of war refugees and economic immigrants from devout Muslim countries and you have the seeds of a new society. Newborn children from non-whites greatly outnumber whites. The elementary schools, especially in urban areas, are becoming Muslim majority. Obviously the schools will be pressured to serve Halel foods and make other changes. It just how things work.
    Eventually, one group displaces another either by assimilation or conquest. Islam combines religion with politics and law and devout Muslims will want Sharia. Most will not assimilate. It is starting in the major cities and will eventually spread out.
    The face in Europe will eventually change if preventive measures are not taken.


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