Patti Logsdon’s County Board record

Image may contain: 3 people, including Steve F. TaylorBy Guest Blogger, Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor
Former Milwaukee County Supervisor

Considering election season is right around the corner I wanted to look at Patti Logsdon’s record and accomplishments.  Let me start by saying that I didn’t find much of anything.  In my six years on the Board I used a monthly e-newsletter, which she doesn’t do, to highlight each month I was in office.  I also mailed out an annual newsletter to over 10,000 households summarizing legislation I sponsored and projects I shepherded successfully through the budget process.  You can find these documents here.

Here is what I found by looking at her two newsletters:  Not much in her 2018 edition except for an amendment to repair two small bridges costing $250,000.  Here is the catch.  She had to vote for the budget which increased your property taxes to get that amendment.

It is hard to imagine but her 2019 accomplishments are even more costly to the taxpayers.  She highlights her support for the “Fair Deal” which raises the sales tax by 1%.  She writes about bus routes the County Executive proposed cutting and leads us to believe she had something to do with restoring them.   Not likely considering one of those routes went to the new Amazon development in Oak Creek (I pushed a land swap through the Board before I left) and during the budget it was removed from the budget by her colleagues, clearly showing how much support she has.  Patti did end up voting against the budget but before she did, she voted for carrying over the property tax levy from previous years.  Those two votes contradict themselves so either she cut a deal (2/3 votes needed to exceed use of carryforward tax levy limit capacity as authorized by State Statutes) or was simply confused.

I am sure some will read this and wonder why I am writing about her record.  My response would be what record?  Some may wonder why even write about her at all.  The answer is simple.  You see she ran as a “real conservative” but her actions tell a different story.  Pro-property tax hike in 2018, Pro-tax levy increase in 2019, Pro-sales tax increase in 2019 (Republican leadership in Madison opposes) and I forgot to mention Pro-marijuana (she doesn’t write about that anywhere).  Where is the outrage from talk radio?  If I supported any of the above, I would have been ripped.  With “conservatives” Dan Sebring (bankrupt much?) and Deanna Alexander (Fraud) not running who will guide her down that “conservative” path?  Clearly her actions show she isn’t capable even with that guidance.

That is why I am writing about her record because someone must.


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