Who was that woman on The Flintstones?

My favorite cartoon when I was a kid was The Flintstones (Jonny Quest was a close second).

Many celebrities appeared lending their voices to characters: Ann-Margret, Tony Curtis, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Hoagy Carmichael, Jimmy O’Neill, James Darren. Others didn’t get behind the mic but were parodied: Gary Granite (Cary Grant),  Alvin Brickrock (Alfred Hitchcock), Perry Masonary (Perry Mason), Ed Sulleystone (Ed Sullivan), James Bondrock, The Cartrocks (the stone age version of the Cartrights, from Bonanza).

I’m happy to see reruns are back on MeTV. This week the “Fred El Terrifico” episode was aired. Fred, Wilma, Betty, and Barney take a trip to Rockapulco where jewel thieves pretend to befriend Fred in order to have him unknowingly smuggle jewels from Mexico back to the states.  Here’s a photo from the episode.


Our hero is on a plane to Rockapulco. Note the woman in the green dress.

Let’s get a better look. How about a close-up?


Much better.

Say…she looks kinda familiar, doesn’t she?

I see it. Don’t you?

Isn’t that…

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Nah. She’s no international jewel thief.

3 thoughts on “Who was that woman on The Flintstones?

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