Steve Taylor reacts to Deanna Alexander’s latest announcement

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By Guest Blogger, Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor
Former Milwaukee County Supervisor

Deanna Alexander announced that she wasn’t running for re-election to the Milwaukee County Board via Facebook and a press release.  It has been awhile since I laughed this hard.  Her reasoning is complete and utter bullshit.  At no time have I or anyone I know involved in politics ever heard her say that she “promised” self-imposed term limits.  What is funny is that she can’t even get her story straight.

First, she states that she would serve no more than eight consecutive years.  Then she changed her story saying she would serve no more than three terms.  Here is what is hilarious about these two statements.  She says her “promise” came when she first ran in 2012.  At that time three terms would have meant twelve years; she has served eight.  State law changed in 2013 reducing the length of supervisor’s terms from four years to two years.  Deanna didn’t know this was going to occur when she made this “promise” and any reasonable person wouldn’t fault her if she wanted to run again.

The reality is that she isn’t running again because she knows she would lose.  The reason is simple.  Not only did she file a bogus lawsuit against me, but she also sued former Governor Walker 5 days before his election.  I know for a fact that there are many Republicans who are still very upset about her stunt.  If you read the lawsuit you would understand why these prominent Republicans want nothing to do with her.  So, her rationale about some “promise” being the reason for not running is an outright lie.

Lastly, she didn’t run as a conservative.  She ran and looked for support wherever she could get it.  I met her at a Republican Reagan Day Dinner in February of 2012.  She introduced herself as independent and told me that she recently had been to a Democratic Party function looking for support.  When I think about Deanna all I think about is tofu.  You see, tofu has little to no taste itself but when combined with something else it takes on that flavor.  This is who Deanna truly is.  She morphed into whatever suited her best.  She is a “conservative” without conviction and finally that fact caught up to her.

7 thoughts on “Steve Taylor reacts to Deanna Alexander’s latest announcement

  1. TO; Steve “Misbelieve” Taylor:

    So what is the reason for this rant? What is your point? Just vindictiveness?

    Let’s hear more about … “Not only did she file a bogus lawsuit against me…” What was the lawsuit about?


  2. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why you even care about her? Is it because you lost your seat that you’re constantly posting hateful, false commentary? In true politician fashion, you live up to the stereotypes of mud slinging, and you’re not even tasteful about it. I wish people would really stop giving you a platform – it’s very unbecoming for Franklin.


    • Nunya, Steve Taylor certainly can speak for himself, but I have a few thoughts.

      “Constantly posting?” Taylor’s last commentary on my blog was back in April. If he’s said anything false people are welcome to point that out. The alderman is correct that Alexander can’t get her story right about limitations on her term. Was it eight years or three terms? That’s a legitimate question.

      Taylor has openly questioned Alexander’s conservatism. Last November, just days before the election, Alexander sued Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, saying she was fired in JUNE of 2018 from her $86,000-a-year job as a section chief with the Department of Children and Families that oversees Milwaukee’s foster care system. I’ll bet that went over real well with conservative Republicans. Why didn’t she wait until after the election? Her attorney by the way donates to the campaigns …of Democrats.

      “Mudslinging?” In an attempt to defeat then-Supervisor Taylor in his race against Patti Logsdon, Alexander shortly before Election Day released a vicious smear against Taylor, essentially arguing that he yelled at her. Her attack was well-documented, in the press and on talk radio.

      As for Taylor’s remarks being “very unbecoming for Franklin,” we need more voices to come forward, especially since the local news media has stopped consistently covering local government. Franklin has its warts and is not the Camelot many think.

      What’s unbecoming for Franklin is the continuing lack of any political will to a) control taxing and spending, and b) attract businesses residents actually want.



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