No One Cares About Your Logo April 24, 2019, Franklin issued a news release that read, in part:

The City of Franklin has selected a logo as the new brand identity to be used on the city’s website and communications. The tagline “Celebrating Quality of Life” has also been selected to accompany the logo in certain applications. The city is initiating the new branding to help enhance its communications and emphasize the positive attributes of Franklin.

“The new branding will help us communicate more effectively, build a sense of pride, and also attract new residents, visitors and businesses. “Celebrating Quality of Life” expresses our community’s key attributes that we want to retain as our city grows,” said Calli Berg, City of Franklin Economic Development Director.

Jon Hollamby has a different opinion. He’s a product design manager at the Australian property app Domain. He writes about company logos but his expertise could also be applied to those designed for units of government as well.

“…logos on their own actually say nothing. While they can make people aware of your brand and help with discovery and recognition, they can’t tell your customers who you really are, or what you actually care about unless you build meaning into them.

And there’s this bit of important information.

What your customers experience every time they interact with your company is the brand, not the visual identity.

Read Hollamby’s thoughts here.


2 thoughts on “No One Cares About Your Logo

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