“The Clinton Impeachment Was Fair”

Jan. 26, 1998…

About seven months later…

There are just two Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who were also on the committee during the last  congressional inquiry into presidential misconduct, the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

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Reps. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin and Steve Chabot of Ohio not only sat on the committee during the proceedings in 1998 and 1999, they were also two of the managers (or congressional prosecutors) for impeachment. Both argued at the time that Clinton’s wrongdoing as detailed in the report from independent counsel Kenneth Starr necessitated impeachment.

This week Sensenbrenner and Chabot together wrote an op-ed piece on the Wall Street Journal where they stated:

Tensions ran high 20 years ago as we stood in the well of the Senate before Chief Justice William Rehnquist, all 100 senators and the nation. As House impeachment managers, we presented our case against President Clinton. We were somber but confident, knowing that we had afforded Mr. Clinton every due-process right to defend himself.

Now we find ourselves on the verge of another presidential impeachment. But this time the process is so fundamentally unfair that justice cannot be served.

You can read the entire Wall Street Journal editorial, re-printed on Chabot’s website, here.

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