Cardinal Dolan: Author

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss his new book. I liked that Dolan at the start schooled one of the hosts that when it comes to sex scandals, it’s not just Catholics.

Watch. Dolan dodges nothing.

: It is time for Protestants who have complacently dismissed church abuse as a “Catholic problem” to face the reality that abuse is endemic across denominations.

The latest pro-life news (10/28/19)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin
From WI Right To Life


From Students for Life of Madison

This morning a few of our members wrote the names of 248 women who have been documented to have lost their lives to legal abortion.

We hope this brings awareness to the dangers of abortion no matter its legality and to the real women being affected by it every single day. These names are only a small portion of the women who have lost their lives to abortion.

Thanks to all who joined us!

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Expanding the pro-life umbrella

What you are about to read exposes an addiction to abortion that infects those who kill the preborn for a living

Cute baby alert! Newborns in Wisconsin neonatal units part of Halloween costume contest


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Today’s highly interesting read (10/28/19): Prayers for NPR?

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Full disclosure: I worked at WUWM from May of 1978 to August of 1989 when my contract was not renewed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at WUWM and have great memories. Being dismissed wasn’t fun. But at the time I didn’t realize the station actually did me  a favor. I jumped immediately to WTMJ.

Public radio is very, very liberal. Like most media outlets that share that philosophy they’re in complete denial.  Granted, public radio can crank out high quality stuff. Or they can be a complete bore.

I hated on-air fundraisers where it was mandated I participate by going on live radio to literally beg for cash. We’d get calls saying we were already funded by the taxpayers. One of the callers suggested we needed to be off the air because our funding was being hijacked from folks who didn’t agree with the station’s or the network’s (National Public Radio, NPR) views or style of reporting. Maybe he was right.

From today’s read by Joel Belz, founder of the website WORLD:

“Thanks very much,” said the impassioned radio announcer as I tuned in right at the end of her plea, “for your calls, for your concern, and for your prayers.”

For your prayers?

That was a little much—there are two big reasons I don’t want NPR to prosper. 

Read the entire column here.

President tells it like it is on the the most wanted terrorist leader in the world

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Naturally, the anti-Trump news media is sympathetic.

The Washington Post is under fire, and rightfully so, after a headline characterized the Islamic State leader who was killed in a U.S. raid over the weekend as an “austere religious scholar.” The headline was quickly changed. But the Post’s true sentiments were revealed.

“He was a sick and depraved man, and now he’s dead … He’s dead as a doornail, and he didn’t die bravely either,” said President Trump.

Should be roundly commended as a great moment for our country and the world. But CNN quotes Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware criticizing the president for this reason. He didn’t tell Nancy.

“There is a long tradition of the President notifying leaders in Congress of both parties when there’s a sensitive operation underway,” said Coons. “But to disrespect the Speaker of the House, who is in the direct line of succession to the President, and to not inform bipartisan leaders in Congress, to only inform a few Republicans, I think was just one more important norm of cooperation shattered by this President.”

At the risk of sounding not all that analytical, oh well, too bad.

Some on the left, not all, are bemoaning the choice of words by the president. I’m not.

In case you missed President Trump’s complete statement about the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…

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Watching from the Situation Room.

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Culinary no-no #629


This week we’re talking wine. We begin with part of a blog done three years ago.

In 1991 Morley Safer of “60 Minutes” on CBS became an American hero.

His 12-minute segment, “The French Paradox” reported what we’ve known forever. The French diet devours rich and fatty foods on a regular basis (see above). However the French as a people collectively avoid high levels of heart disease.

Here’s an excerpt.

Reaction to Safer’s piece was instant and huge. Sales of red wine skyrocketed. Twenty-five years later Safer’s story is credited with the widely -held notion that red wine isn’t just good, it’s good for you.

The website this past week reported that according to the Wine Institute more Americans are drinking more wine than ever before, with wine columnist Ken Ross offering 5 reasons why the grape is popular.

With so many consumers in an absolute love affair with wine it’s no wonder these mega stores have popped up all around the country.

Wine. Red wine. It’s supposed to be good for you. Healthy. Study after study after study says so. No one has put a pin in that balloon for decades.

In August researchers in the United Kingdom said people who drink a moderate amount of red wine have better gut health. They added that red wine is also associated with lower body mass index and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

So drink up, right?

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This past week the BBC published more on the subject:

We’ve been led to believe that an occasional glass of wine might be better than abstaining from alcohol altogether, but that might not be the case.

Read the article here.


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