On Wednesday morning Steve Scaffidi and Eric Bilstad of WTMJ Radio were discussing Halloween’s imminent snowfall and the issues it would create for trick or treaters.

“You can’t run across the yard to the front door of each house now,” Bilstad slightly lamented.

I guess not. Regardless, even if yards were snow-free kids still shouldn’t use them as a short-cut.

Bilstad’s comment made me immediately think of our neighborhood.  One of the homeowners cares for his yard, front, back, and side, meticulously. All summer long one  his son’s many friends have driven and parked, not in the driveway, but on the street. Every single time they marched up the lawn to the front door, ignoring the paved drive and walkways. Laziness? Carelessness? I think so.

Not the end of the world, I admit. However when I was young I was instructed never to do that, that is was disrespectful. My father who worked for the Post Office hated, absolutely hated when his colleagues walked from one house to another using the yards to do so.

So yes, I’m a fogey. A “stay off my lawn” fogey. And I’m cool with that.

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