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Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss his new book. I liked that Dolan at the start schooled one of the hosts that when it comes to sex scandals, it’s not just Catholics.

Watch. Dolan dodges nothing.

: It is time for Protestants who have complacently dismissed church abuse as a “Catholic problem” to face the reality that abuse is endemic across denominations.

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    There was a question for Cardinal Dolan that was only alluded to… but I feel is the crux of the problem that was discussed… Celibacy.

    Celibacy is a fine personal decision for someone who knows their limitations and can devote their complete energies to the work of the Gospel. But it is a horrible burden for those who are REQUIRED to be celibate in order to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve His children on earth. This is hypocritical sanctimony as it is forced and is unnatural as God created mankind. This unnecessary edit flies in the face of the natural functions God created in mankind and is not something that is praiseworthy in His sight and does not gain a thing.

    Coming from the Latin word castitas, meaning “purity,” chastity embraces abstinence from sexual activity as a praiseworthy and virtuous quality according to the standards of the Roman Catholic Church but God in the Holy Scriptures makes no such distinction. Celibacy in not Biblical.

    It is well known that homosexuals are drawn to this lifestyle and eventually will erode those whose resistance has been emasculated by forced celibacy. The Roman Catholic Church has brought upon itself the perversion problem by being intractable on celibacy without regard for any support from the Scriptures. They would rather put tradition ahead of the pitfalls of provocation and a snare.


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