Today’s highly interesting read (10/28/19): Prayers for NPR?

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Full disclosure: I worked at WUWM from May of 1978 to August of 1989 when my contract was not renewed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at WUWM and have great memories. Being dismissed wasn’t fun. But at the time I didn’t realize the station actually did me  a favor. I jumped immediately to WTMJ.

Public radio is very, very liberal. Like most media outlets that share that philosophy they’re in complete denial.  Granted, public radio can crank out high quality stuff. Or they can be a complete bore.

I hated on-air fundraisers where it was mandated I participate by going on live radio to literally beg for cash. We’d get calls saying we were already funded by the taxpayers. One of the callers suggested we needed to be off the air because our funding was being hijacked from folks who didn’t agree with the station’s or the network’s (National Public Radio, NPR) views or style of reporting. Maybe he was right.

From today’s read by Joel Belz, founder of the website WORLD:

“Thanks very much,” said the impassioned radio announcer as I tuned in right at the end of her plea, “for your calls, for your concern, and for your prayers.”

For your prayers?

That was a little much—there are two big reasons I don’t want NPR to prosper. 

Read the entire column here.

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