About the latest MU poll…

It was unheard of.

Many weeks ago my phone rang. It was a pollster taking responses for the latest political poll by Marquette University, considered the gold standard of polls in Wisconsin. I say, not so fast.

I rarely get these calls. In the past I’ve had to decline on the rare occasions I did hear from any pollster if I was in the media or Legislature. Not so this time.

I gave the president and the GOP the highest marks and the Dems the lowest marks possible.

No surprise when the final poll came out. The GOP was even or behind just about everywhere. Apparently there weren’t all that many polled who agreed with me.

Now the latest poll is out. Here are takeaways from a guest blogger I have a tremendous amount of respect for:

  1. Impeachment inquiry hasn’t hurt Trump in Wisconsin. Partisans have made up their minds on both side but Independents are either not paying attention or don’t care – that’s a win for Trump.
  2. Ukraine issues have not hurt Biden. He’s still the frontrunner in Wisconsin and the new CNN poll shows his national lead increasing. Fav/Unf ration 3.7:1  (very good!)
  3.  51% of registered voters think Trump is doing a good job on the economy.  5% drop in disapproval from August – outside the margin of error.
  4. 41% say the economy has improved in the past 12 months while 20% say it has worsened.
  5. Trump’s job approval is up slightly and tied for the highest ever in Wisconsin.
  6. Evers approval still over 50% but down slightly from August. More importantly, his Fav/Unfav is 1.3:1 (not good at all)
  7. The issues they tested, gun control and medicare for all test well, but Evers isn’t a strong messenger to make the political dynamite for GOP

William J. McCoshen
Managing Partner
Capitol Consultants, Inc.

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