Goodbye nice weather

My plans were to make one more batch of sun tea out on the patio. Too late. Should have done it over the beautiful weekend.

Today could be the last 60-degree day for the year, but that’s no good. It’s raining and the winds are ridiculous.

In my part of town here are the HIGH temps for the future:

TUE OCT 22: 48

WED OCT 23: 54

THU OCT 24: 48

FRI OCT 25: 48

SAT OCT 26: 54

SUN OCT 27: 54

MON OCT 28: 50

TUE OCT 29: 49

WED OCT 30: 43

THU OCT 31: 42

FRI NOV 1: 42

SAT NOV 2: 42

SUN NOV 3: 42

MON NOV 4: 44


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