Week-ends (10/19/19)

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NASA women

Gray Forrester



CNN again

So-called Republican John Kasich

North Carolina nursing home


“What has changed is now I’ve got three young daughters and for anybody who has kids, you know that kids take a lot of time and they deserve a lot of time, and I’ve been conscious of the fact that I want to be able to spend more with them.”
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announcing he is not seeking re-election

“It’s not that I didn’t love the history. I do. It’s not that I didn’t love my wonderful staff. I do! My family just can’t handle how much I’m gone to DC. Like just about every mother in Wisconsin, I sometimes struggle balancing work and family. I try hard not to let it get lopsided, but I now have more clarity on how my time out of state was not awesome for my kids and husband.”
Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch says she is stepping away from directing the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission to spend more time with her husband and two daughters

“We know that he sailed the ocean blue in 1492. But what they fail to tell us is he didn’t land on an empty island, he landed in a community in a sense that was already populated and unfortunately decided to take over that space and commit genocide.”
Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, the lead sponsor of a resolution to rebrand Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“Christopher Columbus was labeled as a perpetrator of genocide, and while we can certainly disagree on our facts, I challenge that. I feel compelled as a Catholic to stand up for this man’s faith which was an exceedingly important aspect of his life. I am not aware of him ever being personally linked to genocide, linked to slavery either. I have absolutely no problem recognizing the struggles of our indigenous peoples. I am not prepared to do it at the expense of other groups or people like Christopher Columbus.”
Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan

“Goodbye, we’ll see you at the polls.”
President Trump speaking to Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the House Majority Leader, as they got up and walked out of a White House meeting

“I don’t just want to push Donald Trump off Twitter. I want to push him out of the White House. That’s our job. So join me — Join me in saying his Twitter account should be shut down.”
At the Democratic debate Sen. Kamala Harris asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren to join her in calling for the president of the United States to be banned from Twitter. Warren responded to the invitation the same way she did earlier this month, with a simple, “no.”

“Vice President Joe Biden bragged that he was ‘the only one on this stage who has taken on the NRA and beat them, and beat them twice. We were able to get assault weapons off the streets …’

“Yes, and in direct response to that assault weapons ban opposed by the NRA, Republicans swept Congress in the very next election, winning control of the House for the first time in nearly half a century.

“Please, Joe, promise to ‘beat’ the NRA again!”
Ann Coulter

“Good Lord, folks, listening to those people talking about life, listening to them talk about the country, all is lost, everything’s hopeless. And it appeared that everybody on that stage looks out across America and sees a bunch of people barely making it, barely hanging on, desperately clinging to every word uttered by anybody from government as the only way they have any chance of having an enjoyable life or any kind of a future. I mean, it was misery on parade.

“There wasn’t one thing optimistic. There wasn’t one thing uplifting. There wasn’t one candidate who looked out into the camera, looking out across America, and encouraged anybody! There wasn’t a single syllable of encouragement in this debate last night. It was simply a bunch of people covering up for Biden.”
Rush Limbaugh on the Democratic debate

“If enough Americans — remember, Trump has 30%, 31% of hardcore. They’ll follow him to hell or wherever he is going. They don’t care about the facts. They don’t know about the facts. Okay. They’re fine people, except they’re ignorant about these things that we’re talking about and they will not budge on that.

“They’re 70% of the rest of us. If enough of those people decide there’s something important here and they think the president ought to be removed he will be. But of course if they think it shouldn’t happen and the poll you cited is not near enough support to sustain conviction in the Senate, it won’t happen.”
Veteran reporter Sam Donaldson

“How about right out of school he [Hunter Biden] gets a high-paying job from MNBA, the biggest bank and the largest employer in Delaware, where daddy is conveniently a senator. He then gets on the board of Amtrak. I believe that was 1996, so he was, what? About 27? I guess dad took the train once in awhile so that made him qualified to do that.

“You know, it never ends. Then you had the China. You have Ukraine. Then you have a problem: he’s never been in energy, doesn’t speak Ukrainian. Minor details, but it’s okay. But more importantly than that, they want to question my family. Imagine being in hiding for months like he’s been while we’ve been talking about this and then you come out and that’s the interview you give? That’s just guilt in of itself because it was a pathetic attempt.”
Donald Trump Jr.

“Facebook is the new cigarettes. We have talked about this before. It’s addictive, not good for you. They’re after your kids. They’re running political ads that aren’t true, they’re giving your data to tens of thousands of organization without your knowledge… I think at that point because they are now doing that they should be broken up.”
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff  telling CNN Big Tech needs to be broken up

“We’re not fighting for paychecks and health care. It’s the kids. It’s ridiculous to say that you can put these kids who are dealing with profound poverty and profound homelessness in classes of 30-40 kids. That’s not manageable and it is not an environment for learning.”
Art teacher John Houlihan as Chicago teachers went out on strike in a dispute that canceled classes for more than 300,000 students

“I would encourage pastors to start preaching on this issue of climate change and God’s view of climate change. The very covenant was established by God and Noah. And that covenant was that sin was so gross in the world that God had to bring about judgment, and then he had to bring about salvation, and from there came Abraham. God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant and he said very clearly to the entire world, ‘Never again will there be judgment, never again will the world be flooded.’

“You can take it to the bank, that’s God’s word. And what is it these frauds tells us with climate change? That the world’s going to be flooded. Isn’t it interesting they’re saying it’s going to be another catastrophe, it’s flooding, we’re going to be flooded? God says we will never be flooded.”
Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann

“I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat it. It was absolutely the worst time of my life. It affected my relationship with my husband, with friends. It really was rock bottom of my entire career. But somehow, you see light at the end of the tunnel, and I can honestly say I’m having more fun now playing than I ever have in my career. I think I just learned a lot throughout it.”
U.S. Women’s National Team star forward Carli Lloyd, fresh off of winning her second-consecutive World Cup, acknowledged that she was frustrated with a diminished role, despite the team’s historic success

“Going 5-0, that doesn’t mean nothing, it doesn’t count. As we move forward we know it gets harder and harder and harder. Hopefully, in these five games, we built good habits and we can carry it over to the regular season.”
MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo after the Milwaukee Bucks finished the pre-season undefeated


Madison school district’s firing of security guard

Hundreds of police officers have been labeled liars. Some still help send people to prison.

Opioid crisis impact on the economy


Joe and Hunter Biden’s stories contradict


Polls show support for impeachment growing



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