Guest Blog: Have you had your 13th Birthday?

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Guest Blog
By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party

When I was 12, I wanted to smoke pot, because growing up in Milwaukee, I thought getting drunk and taking drugs is what mature people did.  I also used to draw pictures on my desk at school, because lacking money and school supplies; that is what I did to kill time.  Of course this angered the teacher, so being 12, I drew a Pot leaf on my desk.  This got me profiled, it got all my clothes searched, and of course the Police confiscated my knife, and my pair of “poor man’s nun-chucks.”

When I was 12, I was a professional blame shifter.  When a foster parent wouldn’t let me have my selfish way, I called them hypocrites, and pointed out their failings.  When called to be responsible and change my ways, I pointed to the gangsters and asked why they never say anything to them, you get the picture.  Defenders of Marijuana are 12. They can never say with a conscience that a healthy 10 yr-old should start smoking pot. The only thing they can do is change the subject.  “What about drinking?” “What about opioids?”  Just because drinking and other drugs are bad, that doesn’t make pot good

I wasn’t alone. At 14 we were presented a film called “Dead is Dead.” In that film a Black guy took a camera into the various shooting galleries, flophouses, and gutters.  You saw people overdosing and dying.  Some vomited themselves to death, one man put heroin into open sores on his ankle and was later found dead on the side walk, and a 13 yr-old prostitute was in the morgue, with her throat slashed by her drug-dealing pimp.  After every account in the film, the narrator said, “Dead, is dead.” It had an effect on the class, as most of them said, “Man, I’m sticking with dope and beer.”  It had an effect on me as well, and by the time I was in High School, I realized smoking pot turned people into lazy morons, and I also realized my “drinking problem,” and my “black caddy problem” were killing me.  I was hooked, and it wasn’t easy to quit.  I know many people my age who died young, because as a friend of mine once said, “Hard living has its consequences.”

So while I had my 13th birthday several years late, by the time I was 19 I stopped drinking, and everything else.  I grew up. Most people in Milwaukee, and Wisconsin as whole never do.  It isn’t that other parts of the nation don’t have a “party sub-culture.” They do, but in Wisconsin, we have a drinking culture which has now morphed into a drinking and drug culture, including our churches, which promote drinking.

12 year-olds want to legalize pot, and that is what both major political parties in Wisconsin are, 12 year olds.  Most of the votes to legalize industrial hemp and CBD oil were passed unanimously, and signed into law by the crypto-libertarian Scott Walker.  Wisconsin is in play, and the socialist Tony Evers (socialists are infantile) and his flunky Mandela Barnes mean to finish the job. In the meantime, Milwaukee has a pot-store every four blocks.  One on Delaware and Oklahoma, one on KK and Oklahoma, two on Clement and Oklahoma. I have seen “dispensaries” in West Allis, St. Francis, South Milwaukee and Oak Creek.  CBD oil ads are on the radio, and CBD is sold at Kwik-trip.

The stores all are adorned with pot-leaves, because CBD isn’t marijuana, it is non-addicting and you can’t get high.  And the corner taverns sell alcohol, which is non-addicting and you can’t get drunk.  This contradicts reality. If kids can huff glue, they can get high on CBD, maybe smoke it like hash.  If bodegas and bars can be used as fronts for drugs, so can these scuzzy stores.

While our Platform’s Drug Abuse Policy affirms the 10th and 4th Amendments to the US Constitution, we are in no way similar to the drug smoking Libertarians.  The Constitution Party will uphold the right of states and localities to restrict access to drugs and to enforce such restrictions. We support legislation to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the United States from foreign sources. As a matter of self-defense, retaliatory policies including embargoes, sanctions, and tariffs should be considered.  Party Founder Howard Phillips said at San Diego in 1996, “We are personally as well as publicly opposed to the use of illegal drugs.”  On a personal note, I will oppose any libertarian infiltrator that I come across, and a dead giveaway is when I smell booze on people’s breath, or see them smoking cigars at a bar, pouring drink after drink down their throats.  And one final thing, if you are young, don’t believe the Libertarian half-truth, while you are free to start using drugs, you aren’t as free to quit using drugs, which is why the first one is usually free.


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