Patti Logsdon, the Hemp Lady?

News – Patti Logsdon

When Patti Logsdon ran for the Milwaukee County Board she was the most conservative candidate in the race. That’s what she told us. That’s what her personal spokeswoman Supervisor Deanna Alexander told us. That’s what talk radio told us. More conservative than the incumbent Steve Taylor they all claimed.

Logsdon won that election. Given her vote on last year’s county budget and her support for the county executive’s plan to lobby the state for a binding referendum to increase the county sales tax I have to wonder about those conservative credentials of of hers.

Now Logsdon has aligned herself with some far left members of the Board to explore the possibility of the county operating a hemp facility at Mitchell Park. Proponents see green in that green, with possibly enough revenue generated to make such a venture worthwhile.

Let’s hear about some work on property tax relief, Patti, as opposed to a sales tax increase referendum that’s going nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Patti Logsdon, the Hemp Lady?

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