Today’s highly interesting read (10/14/19): Columbus was awesome

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Several locations across the country have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Baley Champagne, the tribal citizen of the United Humoa Nation, petitioned Louisiana’s governor to make the switch, and he did.

“It’s become a trend,” Champagne said. “It’s about celebrating people instead of thinking about somebody who actually caused genocide on a population or tried to cause the genocide of an entire population. By bringing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we’re bringing awareness that we’re not going to allow someone like that to be glorified into a hero, because of the hurt that he caused to Indigenous people of America.”

Today’s read is from Devin Foley,  the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Charlemagne Institute, which operates Intellectual Takeout, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, and the Alcuin Internship.

Let’s be honest, few would do what he did. Oh, and the indigenous peoples were guilty of the same stuff.

Read the entire article here.

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