The children finally win!

Take a good look at these two.

You can just tell they’re scary, shady and conniving, clearly up to no good.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jennifer Fischer, people smiling, people standing, tree and outdoor

That’s my daughter Kyla on the left and her very good friend and fellow Irish dancer Erinn on the right.

The photo was taken on July 5th of this year. Technically, that’s a problem. The above operation is crooked, illegal in every part of Wisconsin. Those smiley-faced young ladies are downright criminals.

It’s not just breaking the law in the Badger State. All over the country there have been tons of stories about police clamping down on these stands. Sometimes killjoy neighbors have done the snitching. Erik Kain who wrote on Forbes in 2011 can’t, like many of us, understand.

Who stands to lose from a couple of six-year-olds selling lemonade? Who stands to gain from shutting them down? Do local governments really think parents are going to pay for $400 vendor permits, or that kids can scrape together the money for food permits? Are there any actual safety risks? Kids have been selling lemonade for decades without permits of any sort. They often set the stands up just for fun, but many lemonade stands (or bake sales) are used to raise money for schools, cancer, or sick pets. Lemonade stands represent the most innocent, optimistic side of capitalism out there.

Sanity may soon return to Wisconsin.

On Tuesday the state Senate approved Senate Bill 170. From the bill text:

This bill allows minors to operate temporary stands without a permit or license.

Under current law, a facility that processes food for sale must obtain a food processing plant license from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. If food will be sold at retail at the same location where it was prepared,the facility must obtain a retail food establishment license from DATCP. In addition, current law does not restrict the ability of municipalities to prohibit a minor from operating a temporary stand or to require a permit or license for a minor operating a temporary stand.

Under the bill, a place used for preparing food for sale at a stand operated by a minor does not need a food processing plant license from DATCP, and a stand operated by a minor does not need a retail food establishment license. In addition,under the bill, a municipality may not prohibit a minor from operating a stand or require a permit or license for a minor operating a stand. The bill defines a “stand operated by a minor” as a temporary, occasional establishment operated on private property by children under the age of 18 that makes occasional sales, defined under current law as sales of less than $2,000 in a year.

The bill now goes to the state Assembly for its consideration where approval is expected. Then the Governor needs to sign it into law.

For the record Kyla and Erinn’s stand did have to be shut down. But the girls were not arrested. Rainfall did them in.

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