Franklin one of the worst to do business with

This isn’t exactly breaking news.

With the exception of Franklin officials who are in denial and excel at excuse-making we’ve known about this for a long, long time.

The Milwaukee Business Journal surveyed more than 30 members of the local real estate industry from almost as many different companies about the best and worst local communities in southeastern Wisconsin to work with on project approvals.

“The municipalities most frequently cited as difficult to work with were Milwaukee, Franklin and Mequon.”

There’s a real shocker. Oak Creek is top notch.

Also from the article:

Franklin Mayor Olson said city officials recognize past difficulties, and in the past five or more years have made changes to address them. He said over the past 10 years, Franklin officials have been working to reshape the city zoning code after recognizing it was “a bit onerous,” Olson said. 

Efforts are underway to streamline the plan review process, Olson said. For example, department heads are gathered in a meeting early in a project review to share any possible concerns up front, he said. The city of Oak Creek follows the same practice.

“We’ve intentionally hired people who have a customer service perspective,” Olson said, adding that there’s been a nearly full changeover in the inspection staff over the past two-and-a-half years. 

As I said: Denial.

And how about some action that actually leads to results?

You can read the Business Journal article here. Registration is required.

5 thoughts on “Franklin one of the worst to do business with

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