UPDATE: In Franklin, is it a barn, a museum, or something else?

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The update:

From Franklin Mayor Steve Olson’s Facebook page on September 28, 2019:

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The mayor wrote:

Proud to attend the opening of the Franklin Historical Society Barn. A true new asset for the community.

Read again.

Proud to attend the opening of the Franklin Historical Society Barn. A true new asset for the community.

Didn’t appear to be standing room only for that lollapalooza. My goodness. Was Franklin  Economic Development Director Calli Berg off that week?  Way to go, Mayor. Nothing like publicly putting Franklin back to, when, the 19th Century?

Oh, the celebration for this incredible “new asset for the community” isn’t over.

From the Franklin Historical Society’s Facebook page:

Barn Museum Update October of 2019

The barn museum building is done! A special dedication ceremony will be on Saturday October 19th from 1 to 3 P.M. There remains much work to do including painting the museum barn red, and beginning to display the many artifacts of Franklin’s farming family’s life along with the tools and equipment they used. This work will be on going for several years.

Good Lord Franklin, can you possibly control yourselves?

City-data. com asked its readers on social media What amenities are most important to you for a city to have? What are your must haves.”

Some of the answers:

Good urban parks
Access to nature
clean air
Near a body of water
World-class shopping, or at least some sort of mall
Good restaurants
Good traffic
Warm weather, short winters
Diverse population
Young people

Good Public Transit
On a river, bay, lake, or ocean
All four seasons
Good places to eat
Shopping District

Public Transport
Dedicated Bike Paths
Access to Nature
Varied Cuisine
Warm Weather
A real core, preferably with a pedestrian mall

Eating options (varied venues like cafes vs. Restaurants vs. Deli, etc and also different nationalities)
Parks/access to nature/greenery (includes things like tree-lined sidewalks)
Great shopping, lots of nonchain stores and all price ranges…..should not have to travel out of city limits for almost any item!
Good public schools (less little thugs hanging about, good for middle/working class)
Cultural things like museums and fairs and festivals
Clubs, bars aplenty and open late!
Affordable rents

Hmm. That’s odd.

Not seeing if there’s any desperate need for a BARN MUSEUM.

Look. Understood, barns have a a history in Franklin. But so do they in the entire state dating back to 1848 when the state became a state.

When most cities, towns, villages get elated about the opening of a new library, fire department, bridge, shopping center, art sculpture, etc, here in Franklin a new BARN MUSEUM gets people all excited.

How in the hell does a celebration over a BARN help Franklin move forward in the 21st Century or even give the impression we’ve got any vision here at all?

We are a backwards community.

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