My neighbor is in cahoots with the Devil

A neighbor had his lawn service stop by today. They did a great job mowing the grass but they weren’t done yet. One of the workers pulled out…

No photo description available.

Or a reasonable facsimile, and proceeded to rid the lawn and driveway of leaves.

I often read CityLab that claims it “dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future—and those who want to live there…. our coverage focuses on the biggest ideas and most pressing issues facing the world’s metro areas and neighborhoods.”

The publication can get pretty leftist but I do find some interesting material from time to time. Had to laugh when I stumbled across a 2016 column by David Dudley, executive editor of CityLab. Seems he just can’t stand...

No photo description available.

The hyperbole and over-reactions in Dudley’s “sky is falling” piece are staggering.

A bunch of neighbors were sitting around the other night, talking yard work, and the conversation returned to a frequent target: a certain ex-neighbor, now long gone, who was unduly fond of his leaf blower. This is a familiar tale, how he tormented the block every autumn weekend chasing leaves around his small yard with his shrieking machine, leaving behind the lingering stench of gasoline fumes and resentment. I never met this fellow—he moved out before I moved in—but his legacy is secure: He is The A****** With the Leaf Blower.

The tragedy of the leaf blower is that it makes a******* of us all, users and neighbors alike.

Dudley then builds his case against the “uncivil” machine. I’ll bet he adores AOC.

His ludicrous column is entitled “The Devil’s Hair Dryer.”

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