Great line about that crazy sales tax referendum idea

You know that idea. The one where all the leaders of municipalities in Milwaukee County want the GOP -controlled state Legislature to approve placing a binding referendum on the ballot asking to increase the county sales tax from .5% to 1.5%, a 200% increase.

Franklin Mayor Steve Olson says he opposes the specifics in the referendum proposal, but supports voters having an opportunity via referendum. Totally illogical. Plays both sides of the fence. Maybe deep down inside he would like to see additional revenue Franklin and others would take in from a regressive tax increase. Who knows?

The great line I mentioned in the blog headline comes from Milwaukee Alderwoman Nikya Dodd.

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She has also served on the Milwaukee County Board and in the state Senate.

Dodd is a liberal, but is not happy with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and his budget proposal that increases taxes and cuts police. Here’s that line:

To believe that the only way to increase our city’s revenues is to rely on a sales tax that has already been confirmed as dead on arrival is irresponsible.

She gets it.

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