Took the tour of Franklin’s brand new Forest Park Middle School tonight

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In a word: IMPRESSIVE!

How could it not be! $43 million. $43 million.

I attended tonight’s (Tuesday’s) Open House and the place did not disappoint. $43 million.

My observations

The sheer size. The school is huge, but certainly not unmanageable.

It’s a middle school, right? But if you didn’t know that, you’d swear you were in a high school.

The school has what? I’ve been in a ton of schools all over. Personally, I’ve never seen classrooms and hallways lined with carpeting. In a middle school no less.

Know your audience. The opening ceremonies prior to the ribbon cutting. The Open House was billed as 6:00-8:00. The actual ribbon-cutting took place at 6:17 due to guest speakers. I get that. No offense. But no one came to hear School Board President Janet Evans, the school superintendent, or a representative from the WI Association of School Boards. You could almost sense the feel in the crowd. LET’S GET IN THE BUILDING ALREADY!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. At a ceremony like this there are lots of thank you’s, understandably. But I never heard, at least not in these words, this expression of gratitude.

“Thank you, citizens of Franklin, who went to the polls and generously voted to increase your property taxes to support the construction of this beautiful school.”

$43 million.

MOST IMPRESSIVE TO ME. Besides the obvious. The enormity. The classrooms. The newness. The natural light. The cleanliness. The gym that outclasses those at high schools. The air conditioning.

How about the vast shop classes. I was lucky to pound a nail into a board in the 8th grade in a  tiny room. Very important, especially at the middle school age.

FINALLY, I wonder if this has been resolved because I don’t know.

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