Best wishes to a good friend, Robb Edwards

In August of 1989 I was working at WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio and had been since May of 1978. I was summoned to the office of General Manager Dave Edwards. No big deal I thought. Routine. My contract was being renewed.

Except when I got to Edwards’ office I was told, and I’m paraphrasing, to return to my office, pack up my belongings, and leave. That’s very close to the marching orders I was given. Get out. Leave. It was that short. That abrupt. That cold. There’s no right way to do this, but this was one of the worst.

Initially, I was stung. It didn’t take long to realize Edwards did me a favor. A broadcast veteran at the time told me a public radio station was place to bury your broadcasting career. Except Edwards and WUWM did me a huge favor. I went from a station with ratings scraping the bottom of the barrel to WTMJ, the most heavily listened to radio outlet in the state.

At WTMJ I had the privilege to work with broadcasting stars. One of them was Rob Edwards who was morning anchor/host.

Edwards was the traffic cop for the #1 rated morning show in Milwaukee radio. No one heard it on air, but Edwards had to manage a host of talented on-air personalities.

News anchor Frank Richardson, he of the voice deeper than the oceans (whom I often filled in for).

Weatherman Jim Ott.

Sports guy Jim Irwin.

Traffic reporter Tom Carr.

All great, wonderful people. All told to make their reports a certain length. Yet they often went longer than they should have, making it difficult for Edwards who had to juggle all these elements of WTMJ’s franchise morning drive package and still get the spots ( all important lucrative ads, commercials) in and on the air each hour.

Edwards somehow pulled it off. One of the best, nicest guys I ever worked with in the business.

For years he’s been the public address announcer for the Brewers. His last game is Sunday.

So glad we got to see Robb and his lovely wife Vicki in May at an Irish dance performance at Pius High School.

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