Greenfield flourishes where Franklin fails

Maybe you’ve heard the explanation, I’d even use the word “excuse” why Franklin struggles to attract any semblance of attractive retail options for city residents. Retail we’ve been told is a tough sell due to Southridge Mall being so close. Our mayor said that to a reporter with the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2014.

I haven’t bought and still don’t buy that argument. Let’s go to the geography.

Using S. 76th street as our measuring stick, Franklin is 1.9 miles from the Southridge Mall.  The shopping, office and residential center 84 South is 1.3 miles from the Southridge Mall.

84 South's stores and restaurants include a new Kohl's, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Steinhafels and Total Wine & More.

Last year I wrote “84 South is and will be a tremendous project for many to benefit, including consumers from Franklin who will travel the not so horrible commute to enjoy shopping opportunities totally unavailable in Franklin.”

And now for an update. Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

It was homes, a church and school. Now, Greenfield’s 84 South has stores, apartments — with public market coming

Along with around 20 new stores and restaurants — including Kohl’s, Steinhafels and Portillo’s — 268 high-end apartments and a five-story Aurora Health Center, 84 South is attracting additional nearby development.

“It has been transformative,” said (Greenfield) Mayor Michael Neitzke.

84 South is expected to create $133 million in new property values. 

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5 thoughts on “Greenfield flourishes where Franklin fails

  1. Those who want to live in a community of homes where it is peaceful and pleasant and not have industry and retail stores as their neighbors, do not buy this commercialization rhetoric! And don’t for a minute think that businesses will lower your taxes … that has been proven to be absurd!
    Besides that, you cannot trust a statist government like Franklin to respect homeowners and where they will allow businesses and ballparks to plant themselves. They are totally oblivious to the quality of lives they might ruin.
    Grow more HOMES … not businesses!


      • Spot on comments Kevin. Amazing how often the word “fail” is used in stories involving Franklin. Hopefully the exorbitant spending on City Hall will result in more inspired initiatives like encouraging CBD oil stores or inflatable fun houses (didn’t we see two announced past few years???) to set up shop.


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