WI Congressman Duffy incites the hateful Left

By now you’ve heard the news about WI Republican Congressman Sean Duffy.


Your heart has to go out to Congressman Duffy. That is, if you have a heart.

This had to have been an incredibly difficult decision. Duffy was in the midst of a very promising political career, and entrenched in a safe district. But he sacrificed personal political gain for the love of his next child. That makes this an amazing story, unless you’re part of the hateful Left.

Look, I’ve been immersed in politics for 41 years. I’ve known lots of liberals. Many are decent. But collectively and generally speaking, the left isn’t nice. They are not the inclusive, warm, fuzzy, compassionate bunch they claim to be. You want hate. They’re full of it.

When NBC News reported this story on their Facebook page the left demonstrated their true colors with hateful commentary. That would include advocates of the abortion party, clearly outraged that Duffy has so many children.

Must be nice to resign your position. The rest of us have to keep working despite family

Well, gee, it’s a good thing he has guaranteed health goverage….

Karma is a terrible thing sometimes , look at the bright side CONGRESSMAN at least you have full government Socialist style healthcare !

I’ll bet your thankful for that government funded healthcare your child is covered under.

Good thing he doesn’t need to worry about finding another job to pay those medical bills!

He’s got free healthcare for life + family so he’s “good” (KF NOTE: he does not have health care for life)

Just resign, we dont need the lies. NOTICE HOW THE REPUBLIKKKLANS ARE RESIGNING NOW. (We will still remember him as trumps enabler stooge, that is your legacy now and all the rest of the RESIGNING REPUKES)

Should’ve stopped with the eight child

NINTH kid? Good lord. Stay off her! This is your clue.

Sorry for his family, but, it’s not like he doesn’t have TOO DAMN MANY kids already.

Should have had an abortion

Probably got caught on a Gay Sex website.

good fucking riddance of more #TrumpTrash

Oh we are suppose to feel sorry for him

Must not have been able to talk her into an abortion.

I thank God I’m not a Democrat.

One thought on “WI Congressman Duffy incites the hateful Left

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