Week-ends (08/24/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Dead semi driver

Jon Potter

Dylan Tetil

Kimberly Williams


The networks

Illinois state Sen. Martin Sanodval (D-Chicago)

Alyssa Milano

Megan Rapinoe

Prosecutors in the UK


“There’s no question we are going to rely on Chicago’s suburbs as our suburbs because O’Hare, Lake County they will have some hotels that are used there because the delegates want to stay with the other state delegates, but we’re putting together a huge bus service to get them here.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on word that delegates to next year’s Democratic National Convention will stay at hotels in Wisconsin and Illinois

“Frankly BS. I support the Second Amendment just like everybody else. It’s not about taking guns away. It’s about doing very simple things that will save lives.”
Gov. Tony Evers on GOP concerns that expanding background checks on gun sales will diminish gun owners’ constitutional rights

“Governor Evers and legislative Democrats turned the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton into a political opportunity to prey upon the emotions of Wisconsinites sympathetic to the victims and their families by recycling worn-out ideas that they knew would have little chance of preventing similar tragedies in the future. Ask yourself who is more likely to undergo a background check prior to purchasing a gun: a person who goes through legal channels or one of the 3,600 felons arrested for possessing a firearm that they already were not allowed to have? Which one is the real threat to public safety?”
State Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R-New berlin)

“I don’t see the dynamic having changed much (on gun control). I don’t see the reality having changed much. Again, we have extensive background checks for the vast majority of gun purchases, and that has not fixed the problem. Listen, if I really thought expanded background checks would prevent these tragedies, I would take a more serious look.”
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)

“Like anyone who has been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes. I am sorry for the harm I have caused.”
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren offered a public apology Monday to Native Americans over her past claim to tribal heritage

“My senior semester, they (MLK and RFK) were both shot and killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, if Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would’ve happened in America?” 
Joe Biden, the former vice president and current front-runner in the Democratic primary field of more than 20 candidates, asked a curious question of New Hampshire voters at Dartmouth College on Friday

“Now, do I want Biden to be president? Not really. But Biden is the only Democrat who beats Trump in Ohio. He’s like non-dairy creamer. Nobody loves it, but in a jam it gets the job done. I can’t figure people out, but they just like Joe. Maybe it’s the familiarity. He’s like a McDonald’s when you’re in Europe.

“Fatigue is the best thing we’ve got going for us. The majority of Americans aren’t tired of winning, they’re tired of looking at his fat f—ing face! It’s hard to beat an incumbent in a good economy. Every incumbent since FDR has won if they avoided a recession leading up to an election year and consumer confidence is sky-high. … The voters that Democrats need to win, moderates who have Trump fatigue, will vote against a good economy, I think, just to get back to normalcy, but they won’t trade it away for left-wing extremism.”
Liberal TV host Bill Maher

“Biden at 76 shows his age more than Bernie Sanders (77) or Donald Trump (73). When Trump says something outrageous, that’s Trump being Trump. When Biden says something outrageous or bizarre, that’s partly his old habit, too. But his casual slips are increasingly worrying. The gaffes keep coming. How many will it take before voters seriously question his competence? If Biden is meant to be a contrast to Trump, those who say Trump is mentally unfit for office will have a hard time making the case that Forgetful Joe is an improvement.

“Even the most ardent Biden supporter — and he’s not a man who inspires much ardor — can’t take seriously the idea of Biden as a two-term president. He would start a first term already older than Ronald Reagan was when he left office, and just two years from turning 80. The question will have to be asked sooner rather than later: will Biden acknowledge before the nomination is decided that he will be at most a one-term president?”
Daniel McCarthy is director of the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program at The Fund for American Studies

“Populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable, and I speak as a liberal, okay? Liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal and it’s a massive problem.” 
“Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan

“We’re missing John’s voice of reason right now in so many ways. It felt to me that the right thing to do was to encourage people to perform acts of civility” during the last week of August and then post about them on social media. “Agree to disagree, but just be civil about it.”
To mark a year since her husband died of brain cancer, Cindy McCain is encouraging Americans to be more civil

“The Badgers were last season’s big bust, going from preseason No. 4 to unranked. Maybe it wasn’t a fluke?”
The Associated Press in a college football preview

“I can’t watch these (baseball) games anymore. It’s not baseball. It’s unwatchable. A lot of the strategy of the game, the beauty of the game, it’s all gone. It’s like a video game now. It’s home run derby with their (expletive) launch angle every night.’’
Hall of Fame pitcher Goose Gossage

“All anybody wants to do is launch the ball. They’re making the ballparks smaller, the balls tighter,  and all we’re seeing is home runs. There are no hit-and-runs. No stolen bases. Nothing. I managed 3,400 games in the big leagues, and never once did I put on a full shift on anybody. Not once. And I think I won a few games without having to shift.’’
Former player and manager Lou Piniella

“It’s home run derby every night, and if that’s what they want, that’s what they’re going to get. But they have to understand something … Home runs are up. Strikeouts are up. But attendance is down. I didn’t go to Harvard or one of those Ivy League schools, but that’s not a good thing.’’
Pete Rose


Why are taxpayers spending millions on abandoned MPS buildings? Great local journalism

Early Epstein accuser: Police could have stopped him in 1997


New York Times Columnist Calls Out Media For Burying Neo-Nazi Sponsors of Omar, Tlaib


We’re headed for a recession (The liberal media hopes)


Scooters on the highway

“I’m sorry, we are not trying to be rude, but the dog doesn’t like black people.”



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