WISN’s Mark Belling: Does referendum spending result in quality education?

Some of Mark Belling’s best commentaries are his discussions that more money approved by voters in school referendums does not equate to better or higher quality education.

Here’s his latest. This is very insightful, accurate, and analysis school officials don’t want to talk about and don’t want you to hear.

Belling discusses where school tax dollars in Oconomowoc went. I will link to Belling’s podcast where he reveals a major waste of school referendum $$$ in that school district. Belling called it “obscene” and not justifiable. He says he put a picture on his website but didn’t specifically mention the wasteful item on his program. I will post the photo in the event you don’t listen to the entire podcast. But you should listen if you care about fiscal responsibility.

First the photo.


Now the podcast.

Click on the play button and scroll to and start at 46:29 and go to 52:11.

Then skip to 54:09 – 56:00. At that point Belling discusses how primitive schools were when he was young.

Go to 59:14 and continue to 65:34.

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