Speaker Vos, do the right thing and reconsider

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This is an old story that won’t die.


So, state Representative Jimmie Anderson (D-Fitchburg) wants to be able to call in to committee meetings when he has difficulty attending them in person for health reasons associated with his disability and to bar lawmakers from meeting overnight, which could prevent Anderson from being able to participate.

Anderson more than likely will sue.

This has been in the news for weeks so I will cut right to the chase.

As much as I like and respect Speaker Vos (a ton) he’s just flat out wrong on this one.

To reiterate, Vos said having lawmakers call in to meetings is disrespectful to members of the public who attend the meetings.

That’s preposterous.

The state Senate does not have the rules the Assembly has in force.

I worked in the state Senate for 15 years. I attended numerous SENATE hearings in the state Capitol where many state Senators called in. Number of complaints about the practice: ZERO.

No one was offended, disrespected. the state’s business was handled.

Vos and the GOP Assembly members who are following blindly like sheep need to get real and understand the optics are horrible and there’s no political gain.


The media needs to be tougher on Anderson. In 2017 Anderson voted for a set of Assembly rules that eliminated a provision that allowed Assembly members in some cases to participate in committee meetings through web cameras. Of course now he has an excuse, so apparently he can be absolved of hypocrisy. The press needs to not bury this nugget and continuously hammer Anderson it.




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