My county supervisor rips Milwaukee County Transit System and Milwaukee Art Museum

Dan Sebring was correct to blast a mural placed on county buses that originated from a museum teen program. The images depict Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arresting children and list tactics for evading detention by ICE agents.

From Fox 6.

From WISN’s Dan O’Donnell.

2 thoughts on “My county supervisor rips Milwaukee County Transit System and Milwaukee Art Museum

  1. This is DIGUSTING! Actually using a taxpayer – financed vehicle to INSTRUCT people to break the law. This is what happens in a Sanctuary City! The brave men and women of Law Enforcement and ICE being cheap-shot by some racist punks! Shame on this City and Bridgette Globensky of the Milw Art Museum who says”This is their mural…They did what they wanted…” Hey – You silly demagogue – what if the students wanted to make a mural saluting Hitler? What if the students decided to create a mural with porn? What if the students anted to create a mural depicting pedophiles as “alternative lifestylers”? This woman needs to be FIRED for allowing taxpayer money to fund public defiance of the laws of this country and a one- sided portrayal of what is happening at the Border. She – like so many in Milwaukee government – is obviously Liberal and actively encouraged this project. For her to pass the buck to a bunch of kids- some of whom are minors – is a cowardly and sneaky act. I DEMAND THAT THIS DISRESPECTFUL AND TREASONOUS MURAL WHICH DEMONIZES ICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AND WHICH BRAZENLY DEFIES THE LAW OF THIS COUNTRY BE TAKEN DOWN PER MY HAVING PAID FOR IT AS A TAXPAYER. And as for that biased Liberal – Ms. Globensky – She ought to be let go. Why – Just imagine a Conservative doing something like this! That sneaky Globensky herself would be up in arms! Its become ok to demonize Law Enforcement, Ice, Conservatives, Christians , etc. in this country BUT NOT THE LIBERAL, THE DEMOCRAT, ANTIFA, et al!! What a biased media and now – local government in Milwaukee – we have.City workers paid with tax dollars use their jobs as a platform to publicize their bias and prejudice. Imagine!!!


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