Today’s highly interesting read (08/06/19): SEVEN QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS

A woman is overcome with emotion as members of the Iglesia Cristiana Manatial en el Desierto pray for her at a memorial Monday, August, 5, 2019, outside the Walmart in El Paso, Texas where Saturday, 22 people were shot and killed and 24 others were wounded. A tragedy like the August, 3, mass murder brought togther an otherwise peaceful community of 700,000; 2 million when you count Juarez.

Gil Mertz, the Director of Foundations for the Family Research Council, often writes letters to the editor of his hometown newspaper, The Signal in Santa Clarita, California. And he’s been published.  Here’s one he sent to the paper today:


Number 1: Can anyone name one law, just ONE law, that would have prevented the terrible shootings we’ve seen recently? Surely a new law will stop an evil madman and mass murderer.

Number 2: Where is the same outrage for major cities controlled almost entirely by Democrats such as Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis where shootings happen every week?

Number 3: Can anyone name ONE Democrat that blamed Barack Obama for any of the 24 mass shootings when he was president? Today, they practically step over bloody corpses to blame Trump. Even Obama himself is shamelessly suggesting these shootings are Trump’s fault which is inexcusably classless for a former president.

Number 4: Why is the media fixated on the El Paso shooter for his racist views, but give very little coverage for the Dayton shooter who was an Antifa supporter and socialist Democrat that hated Trump? It’s obvious the Dayton shooter doesn’t help advance the media’s anti-Trump agenda.

Number 5: Why do Democrats hardly have an unkind word to say about the evil killers, but direct their most vitriolic and toxic comments at President Trump? They call for unity even as they sow division and hatred.

Number 6: How can Hollywood celebrities blame Trump for this violence, when there is no industry on earth that celebrates violence more than Hollywood?

Number 7: Lastly, how can Democrats blame the NRA for taking human life while passionately supporting Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion mill which treats human life like used toilet paper?

Perhaps President Trump said it best. These shootings ARE a matter of mental illness, especially for soulless politicians that would exploit these tragedies just to score political points. Remember this in 2020 America.


2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (08/06/19): SEVEN QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS

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