Did you listen to Rush today?

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Prompting Rush Limbaugh to say on his radio program today:

So the economic numbers are in again today. You’ve heard about the 164,000 jobs added, the unemployment rate remains at 3.7%, but here’s what you may not have heard. The savings rate is up to 8.1%.

Saving rate up to 8.1% is phenomenal. And get this. Wages are up across the board to the point that Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, United Bricklayers Association or we’ll kneecap you society says the Democrats are in danger of losing the union vote.

It’s a bunch of reasons. The radical extremism, number one, but also who needs the Democrats working for you to get wages up when Trump’s economy is taking care of it? So Americans are enjoying plenty of jobs, higher wages, the opportunity to not only spend money, but to now save it, and the Democrats think they can win by painting a picture of misery and failure and dystopia all over America.

There are a lot of Democrats getting really, really concerned. These are Clinton-era Democrats, even some Obama-era Democrats are getting very, very worried over the language and the tone and the pictures being painted by Democrat presidential candidates.

Fox News reported:

As the Democratic Party shifts toward a more progressive identity, Trumka reminded 2020 candidates that unions would no longer support candidates simply because of their party affiliation. Unions historically played influential roles in getting Democrats elected through get-out-the-vote efforts, canvassing and other campaigning methods.

“It’s time to do better,” Trumka said. “I believe you can. I believe you will. And working people are hungry for it. But you can’t offer campaign rhetoric or count on workers’ votes simply because you have a ‘D’ next to your name.”

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