The latest pro-life news (07/29/19)


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From Pro-Life Wisconsin:


We know from surveys and polling over the last 46 years that over 81% of women and men who have had an abortion indicated they would have changed their minds and chosen life for their child if God had shown them a sign.

We all make deals with God, don’t we? I know I have. “Lord, if You get me out of this jam just this once I promise I will do ________ for You.” When your back is up against the proverbial wall, you tend to get religious – quick! Sometimes, when looking for guidance, we ask God to give us a sign that we ‘took the right turn.’ I’ve seen this play out at abortion facilities dozens, if not hundreds of times over the years. We know that when people go to pray at abortion facilities, the no show rate skyrockets to over 75%! And for those who keep their appointments, God gives us the opportunity to be a sign for them. YOU could be that sign!

But what if the thought of standing in front of an abortion facility makes you just want to pull the covers over your head and never get out of bed?! Believe me – I’ve had days like that!

What if all you had to do to be a sign to someone in a crisis pregnancy was to get a CHOOSE LIFE license plate from the Wisconsin DOT for your car or truck? Imagine being the person responsible for a mom choosing life for her baby on the way to the abortion facility, just because she saw the CHOOSE LIFE license plates on your car?! I can’t think of anything easier to do than turning your license plate into a traveling billboard – a SIGN FOR LIFE!

You won’t be alone! As of March 31, 2019, there are 1,202 CHOOSE LIFE license plates out on the highways and byways of our great state! That means that a minimum of over $30,050 will be granted out to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) THIS YEAR to help them in their mission to save babies from abortion. In 2018, CHOOSE LIFE WISCONSIN granted out $29,150 to PRCs. Sales for the plates are growing and YOU are making a huge impact!

Will you help Pro- Life Wisconsin put big-time cash into the bank accounts of over 150 PRCs all over the state?

Click here to get your CHOOSE LIFE license plates


HISTORIC PERSONHOOD CASE CONTINUES TO MOVE FORWARD IN ALABAMA: (Personhood Alliance, Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq.) – “The case for pre-born personhood under Alabama law is clearly established. Ryan Mager’s lawsuit against a Hunstville abortion facility and others for the wrongful death of his aborted baby sets up precisely the type of confrontation predicted by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe—a confrontation that’s been 46 years in the making.” Read the full story here.

FATHER SUES ABORTION FACILITY AFTER GIRLFRIEND ABORTED THEIR BABY DESPITE HIS OBJECTIONS: ( – “An Alabama father fought for the rights of his late unborn child Wednesday in a potentially historic court case. Ryan Magers is suing the Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville after his girlfriend aborted their unborn baby there against his will. In March, a Madison County judge granted his petition to represent the estate of his child, “Baby Roe,” and sue the abortion facility in a wrongful death lawsuit.” Read the full story here.

JUDGE SKEPTICAL OF WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIM FOR ABORTED EMBRYO: (Court News Service) – “An Alabama attorney claimed Wednesday that under state law, anyone can do what his client is hoping to achieve: Successfully sue an abortion provider for wrongful death after getting a letter of administration to represent the estate of an aborted embryo or fetus.”Read the full story here.

From WI Right To Life:


Hollywood countering pro-life laws by normalizing abortion onscreen ‘at record levels’

Pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ screened in front of Planned Parenthood’s ‘mega-abortion center’ in Washington, DC

Opinion: Democratic Party can be pro-life, too


A middle-school teacher customizes surfboards to give people with disabilities the ride of their lives

8-year-old girl told she shouldn’t play baseball goes viral with highlight reel


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