Friday Night Forgotten Oldie (07/26/19): Funny sounds

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Our darling 10-year old, Kyla was actually the inspiration for this week’s oldie.

Seems she and other friends get a kick out of this quick little ditty.

I have no idea who gets credit or who should be locked up for unleashing that noise to the world.

But when Kyla giggled like crazy one night as it played on her smartphone I thought of a true forgotten oldie.

And we’ll get to it, but first, do you recognize this artist?

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Of course you don’t.

That’s Piero Umiliani, an Italian composer who did the score for this film.

Surely you saw the movie, or if not, you’ve heard of it.

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Of course not.

Here’s why. This 1968 narrated pseudo-documentary examines the cultural, sexual and night-time behavior of the Swedish people.

Back in September of 1969, Bernard Drew of the Gannett News Service in a TV GUIDE-like review wrote the movie “reveals the fair city of Stockholm to be a kind of Gothic Sodom and Gomorrah filled with every kind of debauchery and perversion imaginable and its fair and beautiful people a race which emerges from the womb straight into the gutter.”

Themes include sex education, leading directly to wild immorality, with contraceptives available by vending machine; TV interviews with teenage girls who reflect on their first sexual experiences at ages six and up; teenagers who make out freely in front of helpless parents; wife‑swapping clubs; etc.

Because this was a mondo film, a genre filled with inaccuracies, what you had in this documentary could very well have been “fake news.”

Somehow out of this rotten tomato came a minor hit on the Billboard chart from Piero Umiliani.

THIS, I’ll bet, you’ll remember.

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The original remained on the chart for six weeks, but only made it to #55.

Forgotten and forgettable? Nope.

The Muppets then debuted their version on “Sesame Street” in November of 1969, and the Ed Sullivan Show three days later.

And in 1977…

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