The Barking Lot – America’s Finest Dog Blog (07/20/19)

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it’s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors.

TODAY:  Excessive Heat Warning  remains in effect. Temperatures will remain warm with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s, with heat index values of 100 to 108. The warmest values will occur over southeast Wisconsin. IMPACTS…Heat illnesses will be possible with prolonged outdoor exposure to the heat. The elderly, children, and those on certain medications are especially at risk for heat illnesses. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS… An Excessive Heat Warning means that a prolonged period of dangerously hot temperatures will occur. The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are likely. Drink plenty of fluids…stay in an air-conditioned room…stay out of the sun… and check up on relatives and neighbors. Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. When possible, reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Wear light weight and loose fitting clothing when possible and drink plenty of water. To reduce risk during outdoor work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location.

Scattered thunderstorms. High of 90.  “C”

SUNDAY:  Showers in the morning, then cloudy in the afternoon. High of 77.  “B”

Now, here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog.

I’ve blogged several years in a row about “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  I think it’s an adorable idea IF all circumstances are favorable. I’ve blogged about cat- and dog- cafes, and supported dog-friendly outdoor dining establishments.  Heck, if I lived in TX I might even catch a flick here.  I think dog-inclusive special events can be fun – ballparks, walk/run fundraisers, pet parades, etc. can be wonderful opportunities for owners to have a good time with their furry friend.

Then there’s the whole New York Dog-in-a-Bag debacle.  In all honesty I’ve never ridden a NY subway so I can’t speak from personal experience.  But knowing me I’d try to make friends with a grizzly New Yorker just so I could pet their dog, and would probably be pick-pocketed in the process.

As readers of The Barking Lot know, the Fischer Family does NOT own a dog despite consistent pleading from two of the three members.  But if we did, I truly believe we would err on the side of caution and intentionally not bring our dog along on too many excursions.  Despite the fact that our daughter is now officially a tween we still don’t travel as lightly as I would like to, even to an ethnic festival or water park adventure.  Bringing a dog along with all that it too would need really isn’t my idea of a good time. I’m a pack mule as it is!

My point is while I do recognize the appeal of having your dog buddy with you on certain occasions, I don’t think you really need to bring him/her everywhere.  Not as much fun for you OR your pooch.  Renee Moilanen shares a similar perspective. 
—-Jennifer Fischer

Thanks Jennifer!

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

More than 120 dogs and cats transported out of Louisiana before Tropical Storm Barry.

When ‘Puppy Mill Rescue’ Blurs The Line Between Saving And Selling Dogs.

As we’ve written in the past, the news isn’t always good. Dog buried alive at West Oahu beach is discovered. Now recovering.

UPDATE on Leialoha.

There are dogs who arrive at their new home with intense — unexpected — behavioral or emotional issues and upend their owners’ lives.

Cancer-stricken dog given ‘best weekend of his life.’ 

Breaking breed stereotypes: Pit bull mix goes from stray to service dog.

AI Startup Develops Facial Recognition Software For Dogs.

Florida man kicks gator in snout, saves dog.

The Real Reason Dogs Seem to Hate Mailmen.

Study Finds You Can ‘Pet Your Stress Away’ By Cuddling Cats and Dogs.

What to do if your dog gets heatstroke in extreme weather.

True or false: should you be giving your dog ice cubes?

Disability emojis: Guide dog and wheelchair user revealed.

Celebrate Summer by Getting Matching Hawaiian Shirts for You and Your Dog.

Meet the 10 Finalists for PEOPLE’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest and Vote for Your Top Dog.

The First Dog Ascent of a 7,000-Meter Himalayan Peak. Mera did it.

Rookie the bat dog visits Yankee Stadium.



Dog days: Scenes from ‘Bark at the Park’ at the Milwaukee Brewers game

This Is The Most Popular Dog Breed in Your State

 We close as we always do with our closing video.

Let’s go to Plano, Texas.

AND, “America’s Got Talent” dog act Lukas and Falco returned to perform in front of Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel and guest judge Brad Paisley. For their performance Lukas and Falco took on “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman.”

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by.

We’d really appreciate it if you forward this on to other dog lovers you know. Let them have some fun!

See ya, BARK, next Saturday!

Wilson enjoyed a hamburger and fries during his final days.

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